is tired and is taking a break. All posted prize values have expired and no new questions will be posed until further notice. Feel free to have fun with the current questions, though, and please visit our live trivia nights (resuming 1/10/11) if you're in the Chicago area!

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The Trivia Jerk LIVE!

NO TRIVIA on 5/3 !!!

Brought to you by the fine folks at:

No, your eyes do not deceive you... the Trivia Jerk is going LIVE!

That's right, every Monday night at 7:30 beginning April 27th, the Jerk will be hosting up-close and personal Trivia Nights at Finley Dunne's Tavern in Chicago, IL.
Why Chicago, you ask? Well, O'Hare is the cheapest flight from the Jerk's secluded island home in the South Pacific. Plus, Finley Dunne's is going to be offering up some great prizes, a 1/2 price sandwich special from 5-7pm (nothing like a solid pre-game meal), and $15 Bud family buckets!

Without giving too much away, here are some of the deets for inquiring minds:
  • Absolutely FREE to play
  • Teams of 2-8 persons
  • Two-hour event, featuring 3 rounds of 10 questions
  • A fun Trivia Jerk twist during each round
  • Prizes from Finley Dunne's, the Trivia Jerk (of course) and Budweiser!

Yes, yes, the questions will be scaled down in difficulty (unlike this site, we don't want it to be too frustrating), but never fear, they will be all written by the Jerk himself.

So gather all your smarty-pants friends and come match wits with the Jerk! It's gonna be a good time!