is tired and is taking a break. All posted prize values have expired and no new questions will be posed until further notice. Feel free to have fun with the current questions, though, and please visit our live trivia nights (resuming 1/10/11) if you're in the Chicago area!

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- Be the first commenter to answer a question correctly, and win the related prize. (You must provide your email address when answering, otherwise we can't identify you as the winner! Don't worry, even the Jerk would never sell your info.)

- You must submit all answers in the form of a comment for the appropriate question. No other submission methods (email, etc.) will be recognized. The Gary Rule: One answer attempt per comment.

- The opportunity to answer a question ends when the next post is made. If there has been no winner for a particular question, that question and the associated prize are withdrawn.

- You may submit trivia questions to If your question is used on the website, contestants will have exactly one week from the time of post to determine the correct answer. If no one has answered correctly in one week's time, you win the prize for that question.

- Monetary prizes are distributed only through PayPal, no exceptions. You must have a valid PayPal account to be eligible for monetary prizes.

- will distribute prizes as quickly as possible. Please send an email if you have questions about your prize.

- No combining promotional codes, only one code per Challenge will be valid.

The awarding of prizes is at the sole discretion of is also the lone authority in determining correct answers. reserves the right withdraw prizes at any time and for any reason, and maintains final say in any and all disputes. If you submit a trivia question to, you are giving permission to display that question and your user name publicly in any forum or media.

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Basically, I'm the Jerk, you just play it cool.