is tired and is taking a break. All posted prize values have expired and no new questions will be posed until further notice. Feel free to have fun with the current questions, though, and please visit our live trivia nights (resuming 1/10/11) if you're in the Chicago area!

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Challenge #41

prize: $10

Since the last Challenge was a movie clip and we had a winner, the Jerk has decided to stick with what works. To win Challenge #41, be the first person to identify the title of the movie in the clip below. Nurse!

Challenge #40 Winner

Trivia Jerkster Devin was able to maintain his balance long enough to conquer Challenge #40 and win the $10 prize! Jealous of his new-found wealth, fame and glory? Well, you'll get your own "shot" as Challenge #41 debuts in just a few minutes!

Challenge #40

prize: $10

Turn this bike rider's misfortune into your fortune! Identify the following from this video clip to win Challenge #40:
A) the name of the movie from which this clip was taken,
B) the name of the movie's ADR group, as credited in the film.

Challenge #39 Banked

This unidentified brow is headed to the bank - the Challenge Bank! While you can no longer submit answers for this challenge, you absolutely can for Challenge #40, which is set for a crash landing in just a minute!

Challenge #39

prize: $10

Identify the broad-browed cartoon character in the image below to become the winner of Challenge #39!

Challenge #38 Banked

They may have been serving the Bay area since the quake, but this Challenge has now closed its doors for good. Check back in a bit for Challenge #39 and another chance to win $10!

Challenge #38

prize: $10

Name A) the fictitious company that has been "Serving the Bay Area Since the Quake." Well, serving up laughs, that is, in B) this 1980s comedic film.

Correctly answer both parts A & B to win the prize.